10 ways to create your best life ever!

As author and producer Rhonda Byrne says herself, in the  "secret"--that the idea we create our reality with our thoughts is  nothing new. But it's not easy to digest that every person, thing, and experience  in your life is there because, unconsciously or not, you brought it there. Yet  using this knowledge, you can change your life and create a shift in your reality. We are creators of our own destiny. We are constantly why not consciously create!

"The Secret" gives three steps--"ask, believe,  receive."

 Here are 10 micro steps to practising "The Secret", an  approach also known as "the law of attraction."

  1. Clear Your Mind
 Find a place in your home to designate as your "intention space,"  suggests author Lynne McTaggart in her book about the law of attraction (LOA),  "The Intention Experiment." You might want to set up an altar, or set  plants or flowers nearby. Even when you'…

Masterminding with the RIGHT People!

There is an Old adage, “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future” What is the meaning of a friend? Is she someone who will inspire you, call you out, and support you? Is that what your current peers do for you? Do you know you can measure where your life will be in 5 years by looking at the people you spend time with? Your income and success will be an average of the people you spend the most time with. We  thrive in a social setting that supports our ideals and goals. Many of us don’t have family members or associates that give us the kind of support that is so important to keeping us on track and accountable. Now there is a key word “Accountable” How many of us put our goals down on paper and then it gets tucked away until we clean out the junk drawer. Sharing your dreams and goals with someone who will challenge you and congratulate you will make you be accountable for what you put out there into the universe. We are influenced and empowered by the people we spend the most ti…

Are you WIRED for SUCCESS?

Interesting how we talk about change and acceptance of change, but do we know and accept how we are hard wired? We talk about programming and how we can "re-program" our thoughts and outcomes, but do we accept and understand the part of us that we can't change?

We are learning that acceptance of who we are is vital to the way we learn and the way we operate. Yes, we can modify and change how we relate to each other, how we run our business, but to really be successful, we need to learn how to work in alignment to our basic "true" selves, our authentic selves.

If you aren't working true to who you are and your inner instincts, things may not feel in sync, it just won't feel right. How many times have you heard the words, followed the prescription and still, the program still isn't getting you the desired results? Whether it's weight loss, business planning or finding the "right" partner, we can read and make all the right mov…

Fashion is for Anyone, Style is Personal

“Fashion is for Anyone, Style is Personal”
Arlana Tanner-Sibelle

One of the biggest misconceptions that I hear about wardrobe building is that it will cost money! OK, it is a great excuse to go shopping, but is should start with what you already have in your closet, and  the real purpose is to discover and honour that personal energy signature that makes you, YOU! It just so happens that this works in wondrous ways through our wardrobe. As a matter of fact, shopping your closet is a great way to get an insightful look into your life, and it’s the first place to start when looking at making changes. So, in truth, whether you decide to shop your closet, buy at the thrift store, or at a high end retail outlet, it really is about learning to use your wardrobe to reflect your inner fashionista and align you with your true essence.

You feel good in some clothing and not in others, right? Well, it’s more than what you see in the mirror. It’s an emotional experience, a true and dee…

Feng Shui - Enhancing your Personal Chi

Feng Shui - Enhancing your Personal Chi

The concept of Feng Shui has been redefined to be used on a much more personal level, transforming how we dress and what we attract into our lives. The fact is, everything from your hairstyle to the style of your shoes affects your personal “chi” (personal energy), and can be enhanced by the use of Feng Shui.

This enhanced concept is called Fashion Feng Shui.  Several years ago, I had the opportunity to train under Fashion Feng Shui creator Evana Maggiore, who’s background lead her to develop a self-empowerment system that will connect you to your true essence by dressing with intention. Maggiore is both a Feng Shui Master and an international award winning Image Consultant. Maggiore and her business partner, Louise Elerding began applying Fashion Feng Shui to personal appearance and style in the late ' 90s, which they describe as a holistic method for creating harmony and balance in appearances.

Learning to use this energy in …

What Color Is the Right Color?

What Color Is the Right Color?
Color is all around us. We often do not appreciate or understand why we are drawn to some colors and dislike others. Many of our color preferences are acquired through personal experiences and often times unrealized psychological connections. We can learn a lot about ourselves through examining the colors that are prominent in our lives. We can also use color to direct focus in our lives. We can use it to instill confidence, to heal, and to find emotional balance.

We may not realize the power that color has over us in our daily lives, but it is one way that advertisers and retail stores use to peak our interest and inspire emotional connections to their products. When considering changing or establishing an image for your business, color and design both in the logo and in your office can make or break your business. Consider the businesses you frequent, are the colors warm and inviting, bright and inspiring, or are they calm and safe? The c…

Seven Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

What should be the happiest time of the year, is for many one of the most stressful.  We often give ourselves permission to overindulge and binge. We give into sugar cravings and our borderline bad habits. We don’t eat right, don’t get enough sleep and end up feeling anything but cheery!According to the American Psychological Association, this is more the norm than many of us care to admit. They say that during the holidays, people tend to experience heightened emotions, many feel overcome by loneliness and that intensifies our ability to deal with what would otherwise just be an annoyance. The APA also found that nearly half of all women in the US experience heightened stress during the holidays and that 41% use food and 28% use alcohol, to deal with that stress. While we may all feel the need to binge on an extra bag of cookies or share a drink to bring in the holiday cheer, there are many ways to keep a sense of peach and limit our emotions from spiking and diving to new depths over…

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